Special Meal Program (SMP) 

Formerly known as Special Diets


The Special Meal Program (SMP) is our mainstream meal plan access for students navigating food allergies. Child Nutrition Services (CNS) is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students in need of dietary modifications. SMPs are allergen-friendly meals that do not contain the “Big 8” food allergens (egg, milk, wheat, soy, shellfish, fish, peanut, tree nuts) and corn. To sign up for the SMP, the USDA requires all diet modifications to be supported by an approved “Medical Statement Form,” provided below.  


Email completed Medical Statement Form to [email protected]Allow 3-5 business days to initiate, make changes, or remove previous accommodations.  The SMP meal pick-up location will be established between the student and site Kitchen Manager.  


                       Sample One Week Menu of Special Meal Program 


  • Milk Substitution 

Parents/Guardians can request an allergen-friendly plant-based milk substitute for students due to lactose intolerance or special dietary needs. Please complete the form and email to [email protected]lands.k12.ca.us.


  • Peanuts & Treenuts 

RUSD currently does not serve any items with peanuts or tree nuts in our Elementary & Middle Schools.  However, we do bring in products that may be produced in facilities that handle and process nuts, so we cannot guarantee that meals are completely free of traces of nuts, or nut residue. Additionally, students can still bring peanut and treenut products from home. 

  • Diet Modifications - Religious or Personal Preferences, Including Vegetarian

CNS offers vegetarian menu items daily through the district’s school kitchens. The “offer versus serve” method of service allows students to make their food selections from the variety of foods offered. Meatless items and menu items containing pork are indicated on the menus. This can assist parents in advising their students in making food selections in the cafeteria. Multiple fruit and vegetable offerings are available to all students daily.



For additional and more specific information, contact our Nutrition Specialist, Josie Perez, at (909) 307-5519 or [email protected].